Crazy Awesome Idea

28 Dec

Okay, so remember this picture?:


So, I have an idea for him. :3 Here it  is:

Nicholas (Last Name Pending) is a raccoon from the 1780’s. He is a genius, a scientist, and a Time Traveller. His father was a watch maker, and after Nick’s mother died while he was very small and his father remarried, this step mother leaves Nick and his father with little money and a bit heartbroken. His father sends him to an All Boys Boarding School with the last bits of money he has, and with a single, golden pocketwatch. He stays there via Scholarship, because he is exceptionally bright, and at age 18 is released. Nine years later, he finds a large chunk  of  a hard, glowing blue substance that fell of a comet. He experiments with this piece of blue material and finds that when he puts a small piece in with a fish, his fish is carried into a worm hole. He believes that if he can configure his father’s pocketwatch correctly, he can travel through time. He adapts it so that on the other side of the watch there is a dial to chose a year, and when you press the dial, you are transported to that time, the place you were thinking of at the time of pressing it, and at the time of day as the watch. He tests it and ends up in 2004 with a girl named Roxanne, who is from the line of his step mother’s (Who remarried after being divorced with his dad). They go on adventures after this. I have some ideas for little stories with the two of them, but I am going off the computer now, so I’ll update this later. 😀


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