Doctor Raccoon

22 Dec

Let me explain before posting this picture.

My mom and I have just found this AWESOME AMAZING British show called “Doctor Who” on BBC America. I don’t live in Jolly Ole England so we have to watch it on BBCA. Yeah. Anyways, if you don’t watch it, let me explain. There’s this guy called “The Doctor” who’s the last of a race of aliens called Time Lords who can go back in time and into alternate realities and such. AND HE’S AWESOME. And like 900 years old. Anyways, the Time Lord’s can ‘cheat death’ by regenerating when a human would normally die; The thing about regenerating is that they get a completely new appearance, costume, personality, etc. And the current Doctor is really cool. His name is David Tennant. He has possibly the coolest Sci-Fi hair EVER. EVER. Seriously. Google him. Or I’ll put a picture or something.

That's David Tennant. And his amazing hair. Oh, and the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space)

Ok. So I’m geeking out about it. CAUSE ITS AWESOME!!! So, I am in total geek mode and was also trying to come up with an idea for a raccoon character I was playing around within my head; and I wanted him to wear dress pants and a vest and a nice dress shirt and a tie. So…

VOILA!! And, MUAHAHAHHAHA!!! It’s, like, Anthro Doctor Who. My mom calls him Doctor Raccoon. I  wasn’t planning on this, I promise, but it may just be really really awesome…Doctor Who is owned by BBC I don’t own it. This is fan art. Because I love the show.

I must say, there is a resemblence…seriously…Look at them…compare…It’s AWESOME! Heh. Doctor Raccoon. HEH. HEH. And no, I am not the first person to draw a Doctor Who furry…I found another one of Art Spots. 🙂 I am an insane Sci-Fi geek, sorry. But he has really cool hair. Bottom line. Period. End of story. I mean, it totally beats Star Trek, Stargate: Atlantis, all their hair.

Doctor Who is the longest running Sci Fi show, EVER, by the way. It’s been on since any two of you reading this have been alive, put together. Try, 1963. Yeah. Pretty awesome. 😀

Once there was a manakin, staring out the window, watching the SMMLLLAAAARRRRRG, living for today. (“Under A White Star”- Rusty Anderson)

–Agent M

“The time has come for horseplay!” the manikin exclaimed. “Show me how to, SMMLLLAAAARRRRG, how to play your game!” The geeky girl was speechless, then she did reply. “Star watching Doctor Who. It’s a very nice show.”

(Parodying sorta the same song.)


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