18 Dec

I’m sick…AGAIN!!!!! Geez. This time its just a stupid little inferior cold though. I’m not brain-dead, at least. I just ate a Dum Dum somebody gave me, too, so yeah, I’m better for the moment.

Well, I have an editorial and some sad news. Sad news first:

I am doing a Secret Santa via the internet, and I finished that, right? I save it. Everything is fine. Then, I go and spend like 30-45 min finishing a very hard pic (Yes, your’s, Silverfalcon, you know who you are.) and I was COMPLETE!!!! HAHA!! I go to save it and it keeps telling me the Start-Up Disk is full. I am not a techy-wiz-kid, so I started deleting unneccasary stuff on my flash drive and on my computer. Close, but no cigar. We have 100 gigs of back up on our computer, so I am going to BEG my momma to delete it. But, so sad is me, I think I may have lost the complete project. I don’t know, but I’m going to check on it in a minute after I finish writing this. PRAY FOR ME!!!

Second on the agenda, I watched the Star Trek movie last night. PURE AWESOME ON A STICK!!! I LOVE that movie. It’s. Just. Plain. Awesome. !!! If you like Star Trek, or not, watch it. It’s PG-13 for sci-Fi Violence and ONE scene, nothing super icky, and its about 7 seconds long so you can skip past it (Like I did). Nothing hard-core, but a very well done movie. Synopsis follows:

The movie is about a Romulan named Nero basically messing up everything. He comes through a tear in the space-time continum and creates an alternate dimension where Captain Kirk’s daddy dies right as he’s born. Thusly, EVERYTHING GOES POOP. Spock and Kirk aren’t friends (AT ALL) in the first part of the movie. So, this Nero guy takes this thing called “Red Matter” which basically is a big red blob of Black-Hole waiting to happen. He sends it into the core of Vulcan and destorys it, committing genicide and killing almost the entire 6 billion vulcans. BUT NOT SPOCK. Or Spock’s daddy. Anyways, Kirk ends up on this highly dangerous, icey class M planet and finds Original Spock (Who’s old and played by none other than LEONARD NIMOY!!!! :D) and Jim finds out that Nero is getting back for Spock; Spock promised to save Romulus from a Super-Nova-going star by creating a black hole using Red Matter in the middle of it. He comes too late, Romulus is destroyed and Nero’s wife bearing his child is killed. I’m not going to tell you the ending, though. :B

So…pray for me to get better and get more memory for my family’s computer. And that my picture isn’t gone. Dx

I saw your face in a pretty SMLLAAAARRRRRGGG. (“Shiny Magazine” by Jet)

-Agent M


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