Clay Thingie

22 Nov

It’s a long story to explain how I made this…and I’m going to skip over that and show you this clay thingie I made.




Look, up in the sky! It’s a raccoon! No, its a cat! NO, it IS a RACCOON.


It was supposed to be a raccoon, but I didn’t have enough clay/time (We had like 13 min…I probably used about 3 of that and then we ran over and we were allowed to work longer) and besides, it was a quikkie little thing.


It’s a clay bust/head of a character I have. He doesn’t have a name yet. His working name is Rocky (You know, “Rocky Raccoon, checked into his room, only to find Guideon’s Bible!” It’s a Beatles song, okay?) but I don’t know if that’s it. My dad suggested Bentley. I’m horrible with names. xD


Here’s a sketch thing I did before doing the clay thing. The clay thing had no reference to this… :T



UGGGH parts got cut off. 😐 Still awesome pic (Bottom one, not top) if I do say so myself.


He looks like a lawyer. 😀 This got me thinking last night while I was trying to sleep. I dunno if he’s prosecution or defense. Whaddaya think?



To the right now….to the left! Take it back now SMLLAAARRRRGGGG!!!


-Agent M



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