And Editorial and a Bird and Some Spinny Lines

21 Nov

We’ll start off with the bird and the spinny lines:




I made the crane last night while watching the 3rd to last episode of Monk EVER (Cries) and White Collar (A show about a criminal guy who dresses AWESOME). I thought this was a cool idea. Cranes now symbolize peace, Sadako Chan, and the Twilight Zone. I don’t know.



Yesterday I went to a club for people who like Japanese stuff. It was fun. We watched episode 3 of Avatar and two episodes of this really weird show called “Wolf’s Rain”. Let me tell you about it:


Its very futuristic and wolves are ‘extinct’. Aparently there’s some legend that paradise, only the wolves will be able to find it. Oh, and wolves are aparently magical…yeah. So, these wolves are basically hiding in the city where they think paradise is hidden or something weird. But they can make everybody see them as people. It was weird, bloody, violent, cussing, PG-13, and WEIRD, but somewhat interesting. Eh. Very cliff-hanger-y. And the plot is just weird. And it bugs me. I’m Christian so a lot of plots of TV shows/movies/books can bug me. I mean…I would like to know what’s going on (Its confusing in the TV show) but I’m not like, in love with it.




Well…that’s it. Small update. I have lots of fun commissions to do. A few biggies, and some normal ones. And a book report. I’m doing a book called “A Taste for Rabbit”. GREAT book. And I’m listening to my Emo playlist for drawing dramatic things. It’s called DRAMATIK. CREATIVE GEINUS! lol. And no, S (Its a girl I know), I know I’m technically using Emo in the wrong context…But some of these drawing I do are SAAAD!! And these people look emo. I dunno…


All that you see, much more than you SMLLAAAARRRG, Bring it o back, bring it on back, bring it on baaaaack!!


-Agent M


One Response to “And Editorial and a Bird and Some Spinny Lines”

  1. Kaelin McDonald December 3, 2009 at 9:05 pm #

    Hey Agent M, it’s Kaelin! I finally got a chance to check out your blog and you did a great job! I think that having a blog is one of the coolest things you can do and my dad wants me to do something like that but I’m not sure. OK well see you in school! Bye!

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