18 Nov

I have two announcements. Number one:


The Redwall Wiki Anniversary Contest is over and I am allowed to show y’all what I entered. 😀





So…yeah…I learned she wears a purple robe thing and a necklace of teeth AFTER the voting had already started. 😐


Not my best, sadly. Aah well. I got two votes, I think!! 😀 Hey, two votes is better than one. I would also like to congratulate the winner, Ferahgo, who won air and square and did AWESOMELY!!! Everyone did. 🙂


Secondly, I did this several days ago but never posted it on here. Prepare for your eyes to be blown out of your heads. -Cue 2001 theme-





Commissioned. And AWESOME. One of zee best, mua mua mua mua mua!!


Everybody loves this for some reason. Seriously. Every single person who’s seen this and commented on it has liked it. I am good with cats, apparently. But I am not a cat lover. Cats don’t like me. I was bit by a cat once. 😐 But that cat was eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil. EVIL!!!!! I’m more of a dog person m’self.


Also, I watched the Disney “Robin Hood” last night. You know, with foxes and bears? I give the movie 4/5 stars. Here we go, EDITORIAL TIME:


I liked the movie because, like all old Disney films, the animation was purely stunning. The backgrounds are beautiful and I ADORE their anthropomorphic stuff. The voicing was good and my dad and I could name (Or at least say, “Hey, that was the lawyer from Aristocats!!”) for about half the cast.

Robin Hood-One of the Vultures from Jungle Book

Little John- Buloo (DUH) from Jungle Book

Sheriff of Nottingham- Bloodhound from Aristocats

Prince John-Lawyer from Aristocats


I liked the Rooster narrator-cum-bard. 🙂 And, according to my mother who has read the REAL book of Robin Hood, the whole arrow contest thing was real in the story. She didn’t see the other bit with everyone in jail cuz of taxes, though, so I don’t know ’bout that.


And there was humor. They dress up as lady sooth-sayer-types and rob the Prince. Laughed at that. FUNNY. And love. Maiden Marian and Robin Hood (Cue: AWwwwwww’s!!!) And singing. There wasn’t too much…but they were pushing it… My dad thinks the lady singing was the lady who sang in the Rescuers. He’s probably right. I love foxes even more now, too. I mean, its an old movie with animals in it and its good.


My ONE beef with the movie: Little John=Buloo from Jungle Book. I mean…almost exact same character design. Actually, it IS the same character design. But he’s wearing a tunic. Seriously.


Other than that, good movie. It’s cute and fun and if your little kiddies like Robin Hood but you don’t want them watching the BBC version (Because its targetted more towards adults and is more drama/action and less happy and jolly, which was something I liked about the movie), then go for it. It’s fun to compare the BBC version ( I watch it with my parents) and the Disney version. I don’t know which one I like better…I gotta say…I like foxes. 😀


Join us again next time!!

I’d like to be, under the SMLAAARRRGGGGG, in an octopus’ graden, in the shade!!


Agent M


2 Responses to “Ahem.”

  1. Silva November 22, 2009 at 1:23 pm #

    I LOVE ROBIN HOOD!!! honestly, I was in love with him when I was little… WHEN I WAS LITTLE! remember that. 😀 and yeah, they always use the same art, voices, and music ( of course I notice that :D)

  2. Kaelin McDonald December 3, 2009 at 9:16 pm #

    Hey Agent M, really like this picture! I like how u made the cuffs all shiny and stuff, its my favorite! Yet, I wonder why she does have cuffs? Did she break out of prison? OK well bye!

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