I got…

14 Nov

I got Strep. I’ll be frank with ya today. Went to the doctor’s yesterday on a last-minute appointment, they did THREE cultures (One in my nose, two in my throat, one was a mess up) and I have Strep. And I’m on antibiotics. But, its the tasty pink kind.

Doctor: “Can you take pills?”

Me: “Well…yeah…” (Looks over at parents)

Parents: “Do you have a liquid one?”

Doctor: “Yes, would you rather have that?”

Me: “Yes!”


So, its the super yummy pink strawberry kind. 2x a day for ten days. I threw up FOUR TIMES Thursday. You could say I was pretty miserable.


But, on the bright side, I got a stuffed animal fox. It’s been one of my get-better-stuffies. His name is Aerynn. I have like a whole story made up about him. :B


Well, I should probably get back on the couch and watch Twilight Zone. Unless it got canceled and filled in with Langeire Football. I could sue you for False Advertisment, oh channel that shows Twilight Zone!!! YOU MAKE ME SICKER THAN I ALREADY AM WITH STREP!!!! Grr…




-Agent M with Strep


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