More Commissions

11 Nov

I was off today for Veteran’s Day. Hurray! So, I decided to do a few commissions that were piling up. Here they are:




-Sigh-. Sadness. Emo. Goth. “Apoligize” by OneRepublic. Yeah. This is for Layla Goldeneyes back at Redwall Wiki. I hope she likes it. And…




NIGHT SCEEEENEE!!! I love doing one of these every so often. I don’t do tartan…even though it was requested…too lazy to figure out how it would fold and junk… 😐 I don’t like patterns in clothing. Cuz it looks cruddy if you just use one of the ones on Photoshop…and fill…yeah. There it is. For Awavian, also at Redwall Wiki.


Irica (Fox) and Awavian (Squirrel) are © Their respective owners/users. I don’t own them.


Anyways. It’s nice to have a day off. Even if it is in a really awkward spot in the week…I watched my SECOND football game on Monday, too. It was Steelers vs. Broncos. Steelers won. 28-10. Owch. I don’t do football, but still…that was a big win.


I’m going to stop talking about football now.


Lessee…what to editorialize…? Eh. I’ll do an editorial later. I’m talking about commissions with a buddy right now! WOO!! SALESMAN TIME! (Even though I make no money…I’m a free commissioner.)


Clearly I remember from the windows they were watching as we SMLAARRRGGGG’d…down below…


-Agent M


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