7 Nov

Feeling much better this mornin’. Woke up at 8:30pst. I went to bed before 9:00pm…my dad is telling me how that’s almost 12 hours! I usually go to sleep at 11:00 on Fridays… 😀 Anyways, all of the prayers I’ve been getting from family and friends has definately helped! (In case you didn’t know this, I’m Christian and believe in the power of prayers. (: ) I’m going to put up a picture I did while I was sick.

A Blue Fox Named Ryan

I wanted to see what a fox looked like with blue fur. Foxes are very popular picks for characters, too 😀 He may go back to a more normal fox color, Eg: Red, gold, orange, black, gray, etc.


Here’s me trying to decide what Rodney should wear. I wrote a story about him for English and I wanted a new outfit, other than his turtleneck. So, I brainstormed.


Rodney gets some new diggs

Yes. He is singing “Apoligize” by OneRepublic. I tried doing one of him sitting at a piano doing it, but the perspective didn’t look right. When I make a good one, I’m TOTALLY going to photoshop it and make it AWESOME!!


For the editorial piece:

Right now I have a Bienfang sketchbook. Now, if any of you work for Bienfang, listen up: I like your sketchbooks. I need a BIG sketch book cuz I mess up A LOT. Probably more than half of my sketch book is messups. I’ll give them to you in bullets:



  • Big is good.
  • Durable: The metal rings keep the paper is place and won’t go flying. That’s happened to me on several occasion…with others.
  • Small enough for me to put in my backpack/canvas bag.
  • Not overly priced.


Bienfang, if you could just PLEASE do this, I’d be happy 😀

  • The paper is really really really thin. When I scan stuff, if I drew something behind it, you can see through the drawing and at the other one. That’s all.

So, overall, I give Bienfang 4.2/5.


If you’re SMLAARRRGGGG-y and you know it clap your hands!


— A Mending Agent M


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