3 Nov

I have a fever. Yech…I’m coughing and running a fever of 100.8 and I’ve been lying on the couch all day.  I don’t like missing school because I know it’ll take me time to catch up…UUUUGGGGGGHH. I’m missing a lab in science and a football test in P.E. and algebra and who knows what else. Cough. I’ve been watching Spongebob, old cartoons on Boomerang (Think, Pink Panther, Secret Squirrel, Yogi Bear, and all of the cruddy shows on there that drive me up the wall, just so I can hope to watch another Secret Squirrel. Like, The Robotic Stooges, umm…Windsom Witch or something…), “A Bug’s Life”, and Glen Beck. I’ve been eating sandwiches and juice boxes and pizza and lots of Otter Pops in hopes that I won’t burst into flames. I might go and try to reread Watership Down, which I read mainly while I was sick last year. I’ve drawn like one thing…I’m not good at drawing when I’m sick.


Pray for me that I won’t have to miss tomorrow and that I’ll be feeling better. If I do, I’ll have MORE stupid absent work and have to make up a mile run.


I’m all outta SMLAARRRRGGG, I’m so lost without you…


-(An Ill, Fevered, and miserable) Agent M


P.S. Here’s something funny to cheer you up, but WARNING, if you are a Twilight fanatic, I wouldn’t scroll down any further. RETREAT, GIRLS, RETREAT!








Good. There’s hope for you. 🙂


I was watching TV with my parents the other day and we saw the trailer for “New Spoon” or whatever it is. We were silent as a crypt throughout the entire thing. At the end, I broke the silence. “Well, that looks STUPID.” I don’t like Twilight. You can read it, like it, I don’t care, but when there are girls who have the “I don’t want to be a princess I’d rather be a VAMPIRE” or the “Team Edward…What would I do without you?” shirts, all I can say is this: “Get a life.” They’re fictional characters, for Pete’s sake.


And also, for any of you enraged Twilight fans reading this (Can’t say I didn’t warn ya! 😉 )or anybody else, listen to THIS:


I was in Target with my mom and we were buying water and candy and such, and I saw this at the trading card isle thing: New Moon Trading Cards. I told my friend at school, who we’ll call “Agent S”, who has read Twilight, I told her that and I said, “I don’t think the people that read Twilight are the people that collect trading cards.” She is one of those Twilight readers who think it’s gotten out of hand. She said, “What is our world coming to?” Thank you, S, and all you other sane Twilight readers out there. STOP THE MADNESS.


This infomericial was not sponsered by WordPress or anybody and its views reflect those of its writers. Please don’t flame me/kill me/ burn me to the stake/stick me in a room filled with bees, C4, and a zombie and/or any other forms of torture xD


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