1 Nov

I hope you all had a good Halloween! I only got to give out candy for a very short amount of time because we missed rush hour. And because I was giving out candy, i figured I should dress up. I ran into my room and into the big plastic box filled with costumes past (Think, Little Bo Peep, Kim Possible, a dog outfit, a clown wig, a headband with pigtails on it, a ton of mardigra beads [No idea where I got them], a ton of more crummy jewelry, Pyrite [Don’t ask.], etc., etc., etc.) and grabbed a tiara from when I was 3, mouse ears, two gold and a pearl-ish pink mardigra beads, and a feather boa and I was a Magical Mouse Princess. I am very proud of myself 😀 I gave out candy to a bunch of people who looked like they were Juniors/Seniors in High School, which was kind of awkward because they were all taller and older than me…awkward… There was this guy dressed up like a girl and he was like “Hey, you’re cute!” and it kind of scared me. I just gave him some tootsie rolls or dots or something. Anyways, I drew a picture to illustrate my costume. 😀


M's Halloween Costume




I was wearing under my costume a gray polo, a tie (wow.) and some black skinny jeans. It was pretty awesome. xD


I was just guessing, SMLAAAARRRGGGG and figures…


-Agent M


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