1 Nov

Well, I have good news, and I have bad news. Bad news first.

The Redwall Wiki isn’t loading D: I’m trying like 50,000x but Firefox is just saying it can’t load it….UUUGGGGGGGH.


Now the good news.


I just spent the last 9-10 hours reading. My area has this contest where basically if you can read the most stuff, you can win a car 😀 I want to win a car for the family. I have a kind of high reading level in relationship to my age, so I have to read 21 ‘points’ every five weeks. Most books are one point (Think, like, graphic novels or stuff you read when you were in 3rd grade. Those are like 1-5 points. Whoop dee doo). I read “Eulalia!” by Brian Jacques for a book report, so I counted that, which was like 18 points, and then I read today “The Taggerung” also by Brian Jacques (I read the Redwall series. I ❤ it). I read the entire, 438 paged, 37 chapter’d book in 9 or 10 hours. I’m one of those insane people who reads a lot, yessiree. Now I’m tired…I also eat a lot when I read…I don’t know why. Here’s what I ate today:

Around 9:00am: Peanut Butter sandwhich.

About 9:15- 9:25am: A thing of Goldfish Crackers, the flavor blaster kind 😀 and a GIANT GLASS OF MILK

Around late 9:00- early 10:00: A bowl of rice crispies, two marshmallows, and a bunch of chocolate sauce on top. And a vitamin C drop.

After 10:00: Two Capri Sun Lemonade Juice Box thingees. I can drain one of those things in like a minute.

1:00: A Bambino (Its a little personal sized pizza from Trader Joe’s)

????: Two Japanese Hello Kitty hard candies, in apple and grape flavor (I think)

????: Two skittles and too many Tic-Tacs. I LOVE THOSE THINGS. I have a hard time eating just one xD


I’m about to have dinner, AKA hamburgers, soon, too. I sit in my knee-high socks, sweat pants, and my old school’s shirt. I’m happy 😀


Hmmm…What song reverence should I use today…AAH!


Love, love, me SMLAAAARRRG!!! You know I SMLAAARRRGG you!


-Agent M


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