Drawing I Did.

29 Oct

Here’s something I drew today. I was bored so I created a rabbit-persona for me. Those of you who know me from the Redwall Wiki will probably think this looks like my character Kailee, but no, they are NOT the same rabbit-person. I’ll show you the sketch and then the hour-and-a-half-to-burn-sits-down-on-Photoshop-wearing-Snuggie-and-finishes-picture version as well.


Kani Lapin Sketch


Here’s the sketch. I wrote “YESSSSSSS!!!” because I was happy at how it turned out :3




Yupperoo! Her name is Kani (NO RELATION TO KAILEE, YA HERE ME REDWALL WIKIERS!) which I derived from the Dutch word for rabbit that had “koni” in it and changed it to “Kani” cuz I liked the way it sounds. This is mah bookmark 😀




-Agent M


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