Yet Another Picture!!

25 Oct

I finished yet another commission. Here it is:

Celn the AvengerLPG

I figured it would be more -cough- responsible -cough- to actually DO commissions that people have been waiting on for weeks than to lie in bed and listen to  Coldplay in bed and draw.

I’m tired now!!

Doing this made me ponder my drawing style: I am kind of getting bored and sick of drawing manga stuff…it seems that every kid out there who draws draws manga…I mean, manga is good for drama…but…I’m not a drama person. I’m more of a hyper glass-half-full, wacky kid. So perhaps it is time for me to practice traditional animation and make me a style from that. It takes so much time to do manga and then if the eyes don’t look right or you have to make sure that the tunic goes down a certain length…you don’t have to do that when your not drawing hybrid-esc-anthro stuff. I mean, I can do cartoony stuff, but I think perhaps traditional styles are the path for me.

On the non-Philosophical side, I found a new song by Coldplay that ROCKS MAH SOCKS!!!!!!!! It’s called “X & Y” (Nothing with math variables or anything else like that…the song has nothing to do with the title) and you should check it out. It’s really pretty. While your doin’ that, listen to “Yellow” by Coldplay and “Robot Rock” and “Technologic” by Daft Punk. I bought all those songs yesterday. YAY!!!!

…And every SMLLLAAAARRRRGGG was yellow!!


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